15 November 2013

DIY Book Paper Butterflies...

Such a simple idea...
And simple to do!
Butterflies made from old book pages.
First:  find a butterfly template you like on the net...
Print it on your home computer in the sizes you want...
Pulling pages from the book...
was extremely difficult for me to do.
As a book lover there is no such thing as an 'old' book'!
And I think my Mama taught me well as a small child to respect books.
You see,
I had rushed into the op shop 
and grabbed this book without a second glance, 
so on the day of the butterfly making project 
I actually stopped to look at it...
An hour or so later,
the book page butterflies began...
(because I just had to have a little read first,
great book it was too...
 about Scotland,
full of history, short stories and poems.)
I 'saved' pages of poetry for future use.
(A way to compensate my destructive behaviour!)
and then proceeded to pull pages.
I used four book pages for each butterfly.
Next cut out your butterfly templates.
Using it as a stencil,
With a pen draw around the outline.
You can have the print running vertical or horizontal,
it is up to you.
 Gather together some brads and string.
 I used Christmas brads.
Large red stars...
red jewel sparkles..
and little gold stars
 So all you do is:
Holding your pages book pages tightly, 
use craft scissors to cut around the drawn outline of the butterfly.
 Pop a brad in the centre to hold it all together...
 Or use string...
Then fold the butterfly wings up so you get a 3D effect.
I've made these in two different sizes to use for Christmas decorating.
But you could use them for anything, and for any occasion.
Just use your wonderful imagination!

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