13 January 2020

Marshmallow Slice...

Mmmmm, a buttery base with a thick marshmallow topping.
I remember my mother making this slice often.  
But she did it the hard way...
with gelatin or jelly.
And we beat and beat that mixture using hand beaters.
For what seemed like hours to my young mind, 
until the topping turned pale pink and creamy.
But I discovered a super-easy way to make the marshmallow topping.
You do need an electric beater to create it quick.
10 minutes is all you need.
And then you pile it on the prebaked cooled shortcake base.
Leave to set.
And then cut into squares.

It is so delicious.
And not too sweet.

Try it.
 Bake it with the kids.
It will become a family favourite.

Or serve it on Valentines Day as a treat - 
just top with a berry jus, berries (from a  can or fresh),
 and a dollop of cream or ice cream (or both).

You'll find the recipe here.

#marshmallow #homebaking

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