16 January 2019

Beautiful Impatients Tamarinda...❥

Impatients Tamarinda
What can I say but - "I AM IN LOVE"!
In love with this beautiful Impatients.

Impatients Tamarinda
The flower is stunning, with pops of the most refreshing mauve pink colour.

Impatients Tamarinda
The dark green leaves are veined in a pinky red.
And what is even more perfect is, 
this Impatients variety thrives in a part shade position.
That means it is perfect for my covered patio, which gets afternoon sun.

The plants' full title is called Impatiens Tamarinda by Iconia.
The label describes this plant as a garden jewel and I would have to agree!
The flowers are jewel-like and actually remind me of the colours found in pink agate stone.

Impatients Tamarinda
 The buds unfold just like a tiny rose.

Impatients Tamarinda
 So to grow Impatients Tamarinda successfully:
 *You need to plant them in in a part shade position. 
*Soil must be well drained.
*Give the plant frequent watering in the hot, dry summer months.
*Protect from frost in the winter as these plants are very frost tender.
*Liquid feed in summer.
*The plants can also grow in hanging baskets, patio pots as well as garden beds and borders.

Impatients Tamarinda
Success with the above tips means you will be rewarded with:
*Lush green foliage.
*Beautiful curvy star-shaped flowers.
*Flowering continuously throughout the summer season.

Impatients Tamarinda
Impatients Tamarinda  - to add colour to your garden beds, hanging baskets,
and deck plant pots.
Impatients Tamarinda
I'M IN LOVE  - are you?

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22 December 2018

Mia Bella Passions 2018 Christmas Message...❥

pinecone photograph
Wishing Y'all a wonderful, fun-filled
Be safe, be happy, find joy in the little things, love, laugh and smile.
Mia Bella Passions is taking a holiday break too
and will return on January 17th 2019.

19 December 2018

A Simple Christmas Table Centrepiece...❥

Every year I buy a few new things for my Christmas decor collection.
Do you have one of those too?

Mia Bella Passions Blog
Well, I simply love Christmas.
And this year decorating was kept minimalistic.
Not real minimalistic, 
but Mia Bella Passions kind of minimalistic.
Mia Bella Passions Blog
The colour theme this Christmas is green and white tones with wood.
For the Dining table decor styling,
a simple aqua table cloth was placed on the table.
Add one home sewn, Christmas green checked gingham table runner.

Christmas Decor
Then a round metal tray with wood handles was placed in the middle of the table. 
Onto that three white embossed ceramic mini planters were placed.
Into each of these a candle.
I used aqua coloured candles to compliment the aqua coloured tablecloth.
Christmas Decor
Then place a ceramic white deer as a focal feature.
Around the candles add some faux pine greenery and pinecones.

Mia Bella Passions Blog
All of the items used for this centrepiece were sourced from KMart NZ.
Except for the candles which were bought from Briscoes NZ on sale.

#christmastablecentrepiece #christmasdecor

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