17 February 2018

Free Photographic Quote...

The smallest things can warm the heart...
Just like this tiny fern frond!
Isn't simply beautiful?

You'll find more of my 'Photographic Quotes' HERE.

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15 February 2018

Nutella Berry Tart...

I'm a Nutella lover...
I'm a berry lover...
And I'm a pastry lover.
And this very simple to make Nutella Berry Tart is a fabulous combination of all those taste bud tantalisers,
as well as being a fitting farewell to the end
 of our Southern Hemisphere summer berry season.
It's just so easy to make, I am not even going to create a printable recipe!

All you do is roll out  (or use ready rolled) flaky pastry.

Prick it all over with a fork.

Bake for 20 minutes in a hot 200 degree celcius oven until golden.
It will be puffy.

So when you remove it from the oven cut a few slits and gently press the pastry flat.

Cool the pastry until just warm.
Remove the lid of a small 220 gram jar of Nutella spread.
Microwave for 30 seconds on high.

Mix with a knife in the jar and then spread over the pastry base.
Add chopped strawberries.

Top with raspberries.

Sprinkle over 70 grams of roasted chopped and shelled hazelnuts.

Then finally drizzle with 220 grams of melted white chocolate.
And a sprinkle of thyme leaves.

Enjoy warm or eat cold.
Nutella, berries, nuts and pastry = Nom NOM Nom!

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12 February 2018

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Kaffir Limes... ❥

I was looking for a new 'something' to grow in my kitchen...
the herbs all had done their dash, so I thought what about a Kaffir lime tree.

Have you ever thought about growing a Kaffir Lime tree on your kitchen bench?
If your kitchen is generous with bright light and morning sun or afternoon sun then you can.
(Remember that a daystay outside in the sun every two weeks is beneficial too)
Kaffir Lime is available in a dwarf variety called Flying Dragon.
So this is the one to chose to grow in a pot.

I potted mine into a plastic pot that fits into my favourite French style painted pot, 
and added slow release fertilizer to help new growth.
(the plan is to use lower leaves first and then topiary this lime.)

Some decorative stones were added to the top of the soil.

The leaves are highly aromatic, and are used like a bay leaf in cooking.
In Thai and Asian Cuisine  - soups and curries  - it is included but whole leaves are removed just before before serving.
You can use the whole leaves to flavour jasmine rice by adding to the water when cooking.
The leaves can be stored frozen with no use by time limit.
Or you can sun dry the leaves.

But did you know Kaffir Lime is not just for culinary use?
You can:

💚Add zest of fruit to a hot bath for lime scented water.

💚make a Lime Tea from the leaves and/or zest.

💚Bruise some leaves or chop and add to the water of an aromatherapy diffuser.
The aroma is said to be stress reducing.

💚Use a bruised leaf and rub on skin for a natural lime scent.  (Always check for allergy in a small area of skin first).
The oil of kaffir is also said to be helpful to ease arthritic pain.

💚It is a great natural insect repellent.

So there you go...
I thought this story about my Kaffir Lime kitchen plant was going to be culinary.
But not so...
It is an incredible plant with many uses.

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9 February 2018

'The Grid' DIY Tea Towel Cushion... ❥

Tea towels come in so many fun fabrics and designs...
Sometimes it seems a shame to use them for drying the dishes, 
as they are so pretty!
 'The Graphic Grid' comes and goes in interior decor and design...
and is usually found in minimal or modern style homes.
What is Graphic grid?
It means a graph like fine line or a thicker line on a plain background.
Designers suggest it is best to mix graphic grid decor accessories
 with pops of colour to a modern or minimal styling for best effect.
So of course I asked myself - how can I add a little graphic grid to my mixed French/DIY/Country style of decor?
The answer was to do a little stitchery magic 
and create a 'Grid' inspired cushion.

Using top quality cotton TEA TOWELS!
Purchased on sale for $7 each.

And then add a bit of whimsy with some crochet cotton lace and buttons.

All I did was find an easy envelope pillow pattern on the net.
I used this one from 'The Sewing Loft'.

It took just half an hour to whip up.

Because my insert cushion was a rectangle shape, it created a seam right on the front.

This is where I added the lace and buttons.
These were stitched on before the side seams were sewn.

I think adding lace to this Grid Pillow has broken all design rules...

But for me the addition of the 'Graphic Grid' with whimsy
is a plus to my multi style decor!
I'm loving it!

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6 February 2018

Table Decor: Succulents Of Course!

After all the Christmas and New Year Bling was packed away my coffee table was left empty...
What does one do about that?
Create an indoor decor succulent bowl of course!

I had an old bonsai planter in the garden shed.
Don't you just love the shape of this planter?

Even though the carpet in the room this succulent planter is going is green,
I decided to freshen it up and paint it white.

I used Rust-Oleum spray paint because it is my favourite.
For coverage , easy use and of course the long lasting wear factor.

If you make this decor succulent planter for outdoors,
DON'T plug the holes as I have done here.
Leave them open for drainage.
Because I did not want water leakage on to my indoor coffee table,
I blocked the holes.
The other way is to simply place the planter with unblocked holes onto a small tray to protect the table and runner on it.

I potted up my cute selection of succulents.

 Then placed tiny aquarium stones around the plant.

To the table top I placed the decor succulent bowl and contrasting pieces 
- a vintage book stack and a beach found shell.
This table gets full afternoon sun, 
but I will still pop the succulents outside in direct sun once a week to help maintain their health.

The vintage book stack picks up all the colours in the succulents and stones,
and the shell the white of the planter.
Fresh, gorgeous, vintage, nature and beachy -
which completely ticks all the boxes for me!

You'll find the instructions on how to create the vintage book stack HERE.

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