16 May 2019

Fancy That Yellow Chrysanthemum...

 'Fancy That Yellow' Chrysanthemum.
'Fancy That Yellow' Chrysanthemum.
Over summer I had the complete 'white pot craze' happening...

'Fancy That Yellow' Chrysanthemum.
And yellow was the flower colour craze!

'Fancy That Yellow' Chrysanthemum.
In the Bunnings rescue stand, I found two half-dead chrysanthemum plants for $1.50 each.
Knowing darn well it's really had to kill a 'mum' I bought them thinking they would be perfect for my white pots on the back deck.  
And they grew... and they grew in their part shade position.
Healthy plants - no yellow flowers!
Lesson learnt - the pot must be placed in the FULL SUN ALL DAY to achieve the promised prolific flowering!
But by then summer was over and autumn had arrived. 
The myriad of white pots were all emptied of their plants,
 and the pots put into storage for winter.
So these very healthy green foliage 'mums' were put into the garden bed.
In FULL SUN might I add.
Then look what happened.
'Fancy That Yellow' Chrysanthemum.

'Fancy That Yellow' Chrysanthemum.
so many flowers...

'Fancy That Yellow' Chrysanthemum.
Dainty yellow flowers.

'Fancy That Yellow' Chrysanthemum.
And a month later we still have masses of flowers!!!

'Fancy That Yellow' Chrysanthemum.
So really it's a lesson to read the plant label properly.
Full sun means just that!
Laugh out loud!
So in case, you have a space in your garden for an amazing pop of yellow
then plant:

'Fancy That Yellow' Chrysanthemum.
'Fancy That Yellow' Chrysanthemum.
From Zealandia's Living Colours range.
It's a new breed of free flowering chrysanthemum that is suitable for a low, ground covering in garden beds, pots, hanging baskets and bowls.

'Fancy That Yellow' Chrysanthemum.
Just remember that FULL SUN is the secret to success with this gorgeous mini daisy Chrysanthemum.
It's fabulous for picking.
Plus the butterflies will love it too.

'Fancy That Yellow' Chrysanthemum.
And lasts such a long time in a vase...

'Fancy That Yellow' Chrysanthemum.
or teacup...

'Fancy That Yellow' Chrysanthemum.
 as I have displayed the blooms.

The teacup is Vintage Colcough.

Plant Name: fancy that yellow - Zealandia Living Colours

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27 April 2019

Berry Semifreddo Icecream...

Berry Semifreddo Icecream is exceptionally easy to make!
A perfect treat for using berries fresh or frozen.

Step one: You will need to make a berry puree.
I used 1 1/2 cups of frozen berries - raspberry and blueberry.
To this you add 1/4 cup caster sugar and a tablespoon of lemon juice.
Heat in a saucepan over low heat until berries become pulp like.  Set aside to cool.

Step Two:  Puree the pulp.
I used my Magic Bullet to do this.

This Nutr.Bullet is seriously the best small appliance I have in my kitchen.
I used it for making sauces, smoothies, and milkshakes.
I'm big on making pure fruit healthy smoothies!

 Step Three: Whip 300 ml of pure cream with 1/4 cup sugar.
Step Four:  Whip till peaks form 2 egg whites.
Fold into cream.

 Step Five:  Fold 150 ml of natural sweetened yoghurt into the whipped cream mixture.
Then swirl through half of the berry puree.

      Place it in a small tub.

 The last step is to use a knife to swirl the remaining berry puree through the icecream.

Cover and freeze.

 Semifreddo is much more of an icy texture than icecream.
But is so refreshing on a summers day.
To serve:  Remove from freezer and let thaw for five minutes.  Use a metal Icecream scoop that has been heated in hot water.  Roll balls and serve with fresh or tinned berries or a berry compote sauce.

Berry delishishness...
Not a real word but you'll know what I mean!
Put it on your must-try list when your summer season arrives!

Printable recipe is HERE.

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