14 October 2018

Side Deck Makeover Reveal...

There were two things to finish before the reveal...
That was to refurbish both the cane two-seater couch,
And the outdoor dining table and chairs.
To refurb the two-seater cane couch...
Chalk Paint
I painted this in the same colour as the deck side table top in chalk paint.

Outdoor Fabric
The fabric was bought on sale from Spotlight New Zealand.
It is a waterproof - easy wipe canvas.  
Cheap as chips and perfect for seat cushion covers.

Patio Decor
I made an envelope style cover for the seat squabs.
Mainly because this makes the covers really easy to remove for washing.

Patio Decor
Envelope cushion covers are easy to make.
Just Google search envelope cushion covers and you'll find the instructions.
It's the same concept but on a bigger scale for couch squabs.

The side table was a previous blog makeover...
You can read about the process and stencilling HERE.

To refurb the outdoor dining table and chairs which were cracked and sunbleached,
I used the same colour combination in Chalk paint. 

These were so in need of a refurb...
just look at this chair!

Upcycled Furniture
Graphite for the top, and old white for the legs for the table,
and Graphite for the chairs.
The same outdoor canvas with palm leaf print used to cover couch squabs was used to recover the chair seat pads.

The wood parts have been waxed to help protect from the weather that sometimes gets in under this roof only, two sides open to the elements deck.
I love adding plants to dress the deck,
these are the new white pots. 

These pots are plastic and are just $15 from Kmart!
I have gone crazy over these pots as they look expensive,
 are top quality, plus they are light so easy to move around.
There is an Aloe Vera plant hiding in amongst all those pretty yellow violas.
I also added existing decor pieces to the makeover 
- like this mosaic stingray that my son made when he was a child.

As well as this chippy iron hanger.
The anchor artwork is a previous blog creation.
You can find out how to make it HERE.

This enamel candle holder was in Briscoes sale

-  marked down from $69.99 to just $15!.

And two baskets - for balls, cushions and throws for summer use.

The plants in this pot are Viola 'Penny Yellow'.
And Mother in laws tongue (Sansevieria). 
Viola Penny Yellow and White are my go-to annuals for my pots this year.
They are so hardy flowering continuously!

The side deck makeover was long overdue.
It's fresh and pretty.
It's practical and usable.
And with summer coming I can't wait to eat alfresco out here
and create wonderful family memories!

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7 October 2018

It's All About Lavender....

This weeks post is a garden one...
because it's chaotic here at Mia Bella Passions homestead at the moment!
It's school holidays - so we have the added addition of little Miss Three and Master almost Seven!
PLUS three builders installing new double glazing in the living end of the house.
Add to the mix three very stressed out cats!
Because of all those happenings, I just didn't get my planned DIY completed...

So this weeks post is about a new plant.

A lavender.

It's called 'Lavender Avonview'.
Purchased to replace the Dutch Iris bulbs that have finished their Spring flowering in the office deck pot.
(Time to plant them out in the garden bed for next years flowering).
So in their place is now a Lavender'.

'Lavender Avonview'
or Lavandula stoechas 'Avonview' 
is a smaller growing lavender.
Perfect for the container...
and also garden beds and rockeries.
It is said to be a wonderful low hedge.
I've added a few purple petunias annuals to the pot too.
They will add to the 'pretty' when they flower and drape over the sides.

Compact but vigorous, this lavender thrives in sunny positions with well-drained soil.
Plus it tolerates coastal conditions and short periods of dryness once it is established.
Trimming after flowering helps maintain shape and more flowers!

I'm loving the shape, form and perfume of this lavender.
Its height is just 80cm by 80cm so it's perfect for my office deck pot.
The bonus is the bees LOVE it too!

#lavender #deckplants #patioplants #scentedplants

1 October 2018

FREE Photograph - to print, gift or share...

Today I am gifting a free photograph to y'all!
This is a shot of a beautiful flower bud.
I have NO IDEA what this flower is...
other than it is a bulb that has two big strappy leaves.
The buds are glorious and then they turn into individual drop pendulums.
The colour changes from this purple pink to a musky rose colour as it ages.
So if you know what this flower is - please tell me via the comments.

Anyway here it is:
Free Printable
And as the title says - you may print to frame.
Gift it.
Or use as a screensaver.
And I know that you will only do this for your own personal use.
(Commercial use for profit is forbidden!)

BUT the true story behind this photograph is...
It won an AWARD.
For digital photography in an international competition.
I'm really proud of that.
(It's also in Light Space & Time Gallery's 'Patterns' exhibition HERE.)
And with Christmas coming -
 perhaps someone you love,
 would enjoy this beauty framed and gifted to them.

Or if you might like to check out my image gallery at Fine Art America
for other great Christmas Gift ideas:
you'll find it HERE.

#freeprintable #photography #flora #beautiful

25 September 2018

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Snack Balls....❥

There are times when I try to be healthier,
 and try to reign in my obsessive compulsive chocolate addiction.
The trend of health lovers of late is to snack on smooze type health balls...
super healthy little darlings which are made with a date base.
But here's the thing peeps....
I loathe dates.
They are most definitely my most unfavourite flavour.
So I decided to create a snack ball that was more my style...
They are not the healthiest.... 
because apparently dates are healthier!
But my choice is either four chocolate biscuits with my coffee break,
 or two Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Snack balls.

I figure the snack balls are the healthy winner.
And I REALLY REALLY find them delish.

They last up to two weeks in a sealed container in the fridge.
You'll get about 30 balls.

All you do is mix up in cake mixer or food processor to combine:

1 x 375g Jar peanut butter - crunchy - no added salt.
1/4 cup fine coconut
1/2 cup of dark chocolate chips
And 2 cups fine oats.
Use clean hands shape into balls and place on tray.
If you wet your hands a little it is easier to shape them.
Place tray in refrigerator for balls to firm for a few hours.

Then transfer to a sealed container.

They tick all the right boxes for my kind of healthy!
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Snack Balls are little bites of blissful joy!

Printable recipe is HERE.

#snackballs #peanutbutter #healthy #treats #snacks

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