16 March 2019

Vintage Newspaper Covered Books....❥

It was time to change up the fabric covered books on my shelf display.
I had a red theme going on, and it's been like that since 2016!
That's such a LONG TIME!
How did I miss changing this before now?
So for the 2019 book makeover, I decided on a neutral black and white.

I'll be removing the fabric to recover them in the vintage paper.

This is why I used sellotape in the original fabric covering. 
So I could easily take it off and reuse the books.

You can read the original post about the red themed fabric covered books HERE.
Years ago I found a very old newspaper and it's been in my cupboard 'might make something with you' stash since.
The newspaper is from 1946, so it is extremely fragile.

That's why I opted for photocopying the pages so I could still use the interesting font and vintage images for the book covering project.
Also, I wanted black and white not the worn yellow aged paper as it was.

Do you remember covering your schoolbooks?

Well that's the same technique I used.  
Held in place by sellotape.

My black and white themed collectables now look fabulous!

Book Stack
Book stack now in vintage themed black and white font and images,
with my favourite little Wade England scroll handle vase atop.

Wade England

Upcycled books

Love, Love Love!

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28 February 2019

The Front Porch And Potted Plants....❥

Summer arrived and it was time for an update on the front porch...
It's been a few years since any pots have been located here.
The pots needed to be plastic not pottery or terracotta as our summers are so hot, and the plastic pot withholds moisture much better.
I was visiting the K Mart store and came upon these gorgeous white terracotta pot lookalikes in PLASTIC!
The grade of plastic is very heavy duty.
And the bargain price was just $15 a pot.
The white looks so good.

Potted plants
Into the front porch pots, I planted a 'juniperus chinensis pyramidalis' conifer,

Potted plants
and a 'chamaecyparis Boulevard' conifer.
They are both reasonably slow growing varieties.
So I am hoping to repot every two years in early Spring with a root prune to keep them a reasonable size of about one to one and a half metres.

Companion plants were added.
Viola Penny Yellow and Viola Penny White.
Violas are hardy little plants that flower continuously,
 as well as withstanding a semi-shaded position, 
which all of my three covered porches offer any plants that reside on them.
Violas actually provide more flowers per plant than a pansy does!
Feed with liquid or granular fertilizer and you'll get even more flowers!
So this is how early summer on the front porch looked popping with green yellow and white!

Because these pots looked so good,
and I became besotted with the colour yellow,
I bought another white pot, 
and planted a bright yellow toned gerbera.
What a wonderful pop of late summer colour now the violas have finished.

You can see how much the conifers have grown!
And hiding beneath them are new self-seeded viola plants.
And as autumn begins to arrive I can say I have thoroughly enjoyed my white pots
planted with easy care conifers and plants bursting with the bright colour of yellow!

#violas #conifers #plantsforpots #gerberas #frontporchplants

10 February 2019

Baklava Filo Delight...❥

Baklava is so delicious.
Honey sweet.
Team with pears for a complimentary combination.

Baklava is actually really easy to make.
Use a food processor to grind the nuts, spice and sugar.

It takes seconds!

Melt some butter in a bowl.
Prepare a slice tin by placing a layer of baking paper on the bottom.
The butter layer your filo sheets one at a time on to it.

Once you have layered four layers of filo,
sprinkle with the nut mixture.
Layers, nuts, layers, nuts...

When you have done the last filo layer,
Trim the pastry around the edge of the tray using a knife.

Butter the top, and sprinkle with remaining nut mixture.

Crosshatch or triangle the top of the pastry.
Bake for 30 minutes.

Remove from oven and  while hot pour the pre-prepared lemon and honey syrup over top

Serve with drained fresh poached or canned pears.
Drizzle with a little liquid cream and serve warm.

You'll find the recipe HERE.

#baklava  #filo pastry  #dessert #nuts 

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