8 September 2019

The Beautiful CAMELLIA SASANQUA....❥

Camellia Sasanqua is a hardy shrub/small tree that offers a beautiful autumn colour in the home garden.
The blooms range in colour from red, pure white, white with a pink tinge and many many shades of pink.
The flowers can be single with yellow stamens or multi-petaled doubles.

There are also sweet delicate miniatures.
Some are even scented!
Evergreen leaves are glossy green that is very attractive even when the tree is not in flower.

Camellias like a well-drained humus acid rich soil.
They will grow in full sun or part shade.
All they require for best blooms are regular watering, Spring fertilising and a light trim after flowering.
Once established Camellia Sasanqua is hardy, tolerating light frost in the winter and short droughts in the summer.
This amazing plant can be grown in pots, espaliered, and clipped to form a hedge.

 Or left to be a feature in small tree state in the garden.

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21 August 2019

Steampunk Wind Chime...❥

Old spoon love...
that's a bit of a thing for me.
I find these timeworn treasures at the Thrift Store.
And even though they are tarnished and worn there is a certain beauty about them.
But what to do with them?
Why not create a cute wind chime that has a definite steampunk style?

For this simple project you will need:

6 old silver teaspoons
a wide metal filagree bangle 
(the one I used was 25 centimetre diameter).
thin wire
tape measure
a pencil

1/.  Cut 6 lengths of wire at about 46 centimetres long.  

2/.  Twist the wire tightly around each spoon handle.

3/.  Attach each wired spoon to bangle at approximately every 3.5 to 4 centimetres.
Use a chair to help hold the bangle while you attach the spoons.

4/.  Cut another wire to make a handle.
Use a pencil to add spiral details as shown.
Attach by twisting wire to opposite sides of the bangle.

5/.  Hang and enjoy the beautiful sounds it creates.

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23 July 2019

Key Lime Pie...❥

And if you are a regular follower of Mia Bella Passions you will know the garden yield a ton of limes from one famously proficient lime tree!

 So, of course, a go-to lime lovers recipe at this time of the season is
And this recipe is the perfect blend of sweet and tart,
for a great dessert that can be prepared ahead of time.

 This pie will keep in the refrigerator for 2 days.

But it rarely lasts a day at my house.

Key Lime Pie Recipe
It is incredibly delicious!
You will find the recipe HERE.

#keylimepie #citrus #dessertpies

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