Cute Christmas Birds...❥

Paper crafts
Well, y'all know I'm kinda fond of paper crafts, 
and these sweet wee paper birds are so very easy to craft.

Paper crafts
The kids will love to make them for decorating the mantel or bookshelf for sure!

Paper crafts
You'll need:
sturdy paper or card to make two bird shapes.
A bird template.
Two paper clips for each bird's feet.
A quick-drying craft glue.

First, you will need to print a bird template and cut it out.

Paper crafts
I just used this free one that I found on Pinterest.
You can choose any bird shape you like.
I printed this in a 4x6 size.

Paper crafts
Use the template to draw an outline on paper of your choice.
Use a double layer with the pattern facing each other.
Draw around the template and then cut the double papers.
Because these are for the Christmas decor, 
I have used Christmas themed paper.

Bend two paper clips per bird for the feet as shown.

Paper crafts
 Glue the two sides together using a big dollop of glue at the bottom of the bird's tummy to hold the paper clips.

Paper crafts
 Insert the paper clips and hold the two layers together for a minute while the glue sets.
You will have to manipulate the feet a bit so the paper bird will stand on its own.

Paper crafts

Use for your Christmas decor... 

Save this paper craft idea for Spring and make pretty Spring paper birds.

Paper Crafts
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