8 May 2016

My NEW 'OLD' Book...

I love books...
So I just had to share the latest in my collection.
A childhood dream was to become a librarian!
I never did do that,
 but I still LOVE books.
I love reading,
looking at...
and using books in crafts and DIY.
(this one's safe though - as it has the 'I'm special' label).

This book is so old.

Published in 1905 in fact.
It's worn, tatty and tired.
But for me it was love at first sight!
Just look at the gorgeous green embossed cover.
It is a beautiful book.

'Good Words' is full of short stories.
And wonderful black and white plates (pictures).
Here are a few:

But the one I adore the most is of the girl with the dreamy eyes.
Beautiful, don't you think?

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  1. Happy Mothers Day Tracy Lee,
    Yes old books are cool, although I'm not a big book fan I like old things from the past. You never know what wisdom you might find, nice find.
    Hoping you have a Great week ahead... Greg

    1. Thank you Greg. Wishes for a fabulous week ahead to you too.

  2. What an absolutely beautiful book. I was afraid you were going to paint over it or something. I too like the look of old books that tell us their history over time. I have a few old ones and am trying to hold onto them before they completely fall apart. Tracey, I hope you can join us this week at our new link party, Sweet Inspiration. We run Fridays through Tuesdays.

    1. I actually have the missing spine piece, so I will be researching how to restore it. I like book craft but do struggle with destroying them, I have only done it twice because it is tooooo hard!

  3. It's a beautiful book. I love the illustrations. I love old books, too. While in college, decades ago, I had a history professor who gifted old books to students. He gave me one from 1910 called Memoirs of the Courts of Europe~ Marie Antoinette. I love having it displayed on my one of my book shelves. There is something truly special about old books.

  4. Tracey Lee we are kindred spirits. As a retired English teacher, I have always loved books. I love the title of yours: Good Words. Perfect.
    Thank you for joining us at Thoughts of Home on Thursday!

    1. Yes we are Laura. English was my favourite school subject! :)


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