9 November 2013

Dutch Irises...

The colour of this Dutch Iris is AMAZING!
Every year it pops up in 'Mia Bella Gardens'...
With incredible purple blue blooms...
with a bold yellow stripe!

Dutch Iris Information:

Flowering period: June - July
Average plant height: 60 cm
Planting depth to base of bulb: 15 cm
Spacing between bulbs: 10
Light requirement: full sun
Landscape uses: beds, borders and as cut flowers
Dutch irises have never grown wild in the Netherlands. Instead, they are the product of hybridisation carried out by a Dutch plant breeding firm by the name of Tubergen. 

They are easy to grow but need a rich, well-drained soil. 
The flowers are 10 cm in diameter, and are fabulous to use as cut flowers. 

Here are some names for Dutch Iris in the blue/purple and white colour range:
‘Blue Diamond’: blue
‘Blue Magic’: deep purple-blue
‘Blue Ribbon’: (‘Professor Blaauw’): deep blue
‘Casablanca’: white
‘Hildegarde’: light blue
‘Ideal’: sky blue
‘Madonna’: white
‘Purple Sensation’: deep purple
‘Telstar’: deep blue
‘White Bridge’: pure white
‘White van Vliet’: pure white
‘White Wedgwood’: pure white

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