29 November 2014

Gathered Burlap Mantel with Candy Canes and Ornaments...

To decorate the mantel the burlap theme is continuing...

by using the overlocked burlap ribbon.
 In New Zealand this is called 'Jute Tree Tie',
 and It's available in the gardening section at Bunnings.
 Thread some thin ribbon on a needle
 Hand stitch a gather line...
 Pull to gather...
I have done mine loosely,
just pull it tighter for more compact gathers, 
but be aware that you will require much more burlap ribbon.
 Attach ornaments spacing evenly.
 I used a cute wooden ornaments I found 
in the new seasons Christmas range at Spotlight...
 Then add some ribbon hung candycanes.
Trim the loose bits of ribbon off.
Add a Simple Burlap bow to the centre for a finishing touch.
Learn how to make the bows here:
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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