7 January 2014

Cognac Diamonds...

Sharing a little bit of BLING with you all today...
with pure and natural diamonds ...
Now this is my kind of photo shoot...
(and my kind of ring!)
Stunningly beautiful with the gems set in a gorgeous art deco setting...
The diamonds are white and brown coloured.
Yes - BROWN!
Have you ever seen brown diamonds before?
For more information visit:

The darker colour is called a 'cognac' diamond.
The paler colour a 'champagne' diamond.
The earthy palette of this diamond colour is simply divine.
They are mined at Argyle Mine in the Eastern Kimberly region of Western Australia.
The colour of the cognac diamond is attributed to internal graining which
 is caused by a structural irregularity in the diamonds crystal lattice.
I'm in LOVE with cognac diamonds!

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