8 February 2014

'Fragments of Fuchsias' Artwork...

 Sharing my latest artwork...
I'm really happy with the way this painting came together.
I enjoyed playing with textures 
using acrylic paints in mauves, creams, greens and blues.
All this thick and luscious paint 
was teamed with fabulous handmade paper 
made from flax fibres to create this wonderful result!
 I'm a little bit in love with this one, 
so it may be difficult to ever part with it!
 I LOVE the colours...the textures...
and the fact everytime you look, 
you see something else!
 And I LOVE the name...
'Fragments of Fuchsias'.
There is nothing more heartwarming 
than art time with my Grandson.
 So I just had to share the cutest photo 
of 2 year old Quinn...
a budding 'abstract' artist 
(who has inherited his Nonna's love affair with paint!)
Squirty bottle paint is soooo much FUN!

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