3 December 2014

A Christmas tree in a red tin bucket, AND Yes - it's another Cushion...

Cushion passion... 
Cushion addiction...
Cushion love... 
Cushion craziness...
leads to self questioning moments of:  
Do I really need another cushion? 
And the answer my friends is ALWAYS  
- YES!
And here is the latest addition 
to the ever growing cushion collection:
Can you see why it was so irresistible?
Thank you Spotlight,
It's Christmas words are perfect 
for the Christmas season...
That cushion is almost as cute as the wee Christmas tree,
that sits proudly on the hearth,
 in the bright red tin bucket,
with the big burlap bow.
You'll find the bow tutorial here:

This tree is PICEA glauca 'Conica'.
It is a dwarf evergreen dense, cone shaped conifer with bright green foliage.
It's very slow growing and perfectly shaped.
It will grow to one metre  over 10 years!
So that means it would be fab in a large pot, 
or even as a bonsai.
Loving Christmas decor...

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