18 December 2014

Cinnamon stick & berry jar candle...

You can never have too many candles...
so lets create a cinnamon stick jar candle.
 I can hear you say - this ones been done a million times...
But I think mines just a bit special 
with a cute plaited jute bow tie,
and accent berries.
 Plus the cinnamon sticks have been spaced 
so you can see the candle in the jar
All you need to create this is a small jar,
a small candle,
Cinnamon sticks
jute string
and some artificial berries.
 I used a dab of hot glue to hold the cinnamon sticks in place,
and plaited three strands of the jute string.
Twirl the jute string around the jar twice,

 and tied a bow.
Then I added the berries,
 which were already pre-wired.
Now it is ready to light!
Let me show you the book table while we wait 
for that delicious aroma to start as the jar warms up from the candles flame...
This year I'm using a lovely French style coffee table, 
 to display some very special Christmas books.
It sits beside the red Christmas tree...
Can you smell the cinnamon now?
The cinnamon stick and berry jar candle is gorgeously Christmas...
And pretty cute to look at too.

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