Stenciled Valentines Heart Door Mat...

Welcome your valentine with this love heart door mat...
Or just create one because it is super cute!
And like many of my projects it's super quick to create 

To create your own stenciled door mat,
You will need:
Black Spray paint
a heart template

 Cut the centre out of the printed heart image to create a stencil.
 Glue it onto a sheet of newspaper
(This stops paint overspray) 
 Cut the heart centre out again.
 Place in position on the mat.
I picked this mat up at 'Bed Bath and Beyond' for under $10!
 Using the pins tack around the outside of the heart template.
 This holds the paper firm and stops the paint getting underneath.
 Spray on the paint to create the effect you desire.
(Instead of black, you could use red or white as alternative colour choices)
Carefully remove the stencil guideline.
Leave to dry.
Then place at the door!
Add red roses...
In half an hour you have whipped up the perfect Valentines Day welcome!!

#heart #craft

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