1 February 2015

Crazy Cake - A chocolate mud cake from the Depression years...

Crazy Cake -
A chocolate mud cake from the Great Depression years...
NO eggs,
NO butter
and no Dairy.
Hand mixed in one bowl!
I found this recipe over at 'Sweet Little Bird' Blog.
Pop over for more information about this cake 
and tips on how to make it in a Gluten free form.
PLUS a huge list of variations - 
different flavours, cupcakes and mug cakes.

I whipped up a chocolate version...
AND it was so SIMPLE!!!!

The icing is a delicious creamy chocolate butter cream icing.

 Piped all over in pretty Roses and  dusted with sugar balls.

Perfect to enjoy with coffee,
or for a Valentines Day treat
with family and friends.
It truly is a moist delicious cake,
and next time I'm making it in two layers 
dripping with chocolate ganache 
served with fresh strawberries and cream...
The recipe link is here:


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