15 February 2015

DIY Coffee Coaster Fabric Makeover...

The 'Let's make the home office beautiful project' continues
with a coffee coaster a makeover.
Nothing worse than coffee cup rings all over the desk,
(Did I mention I LOVE coffee?)
So a pretty coaster was the obvious answer!
 Fab excuse to use some pretty fabric from the stash...
All I did was paint over the picture on a coaster with white paint.
This created a neutral back ground for the fabric. 
After the paint is dry cut fabric to fit, 
leaving a fold over edge.
Then glued (mod podged) the fabric on top.
When it was dry I folded the fabric under the coaster and glued it.
 Cover with a layer of mod podge...
As you can see the Mod Podge will dry clear.
Leave for 24 hours,
then spray it with a clear enamel sealer.
And there you have it...
a pretty Fabric covered coffee coaster for the home office.

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