DIY Shabby Chic Valentine Heart...

Dried hydrangea flowers and white paper doilies 
were the inspiration 
for this pretty
Shabby Chic Valentine Heart....
To make one you will need:
Glue & Hot glue gun
Dried hydrangeas
and some embellishments of your choice.
Cut out a heart template,
Stencil shape on to a piece of sturdy cardboard.
Enlarge the shape if necessary.
 Glue the paper doilies onto the cardboard heart.
You will need to trim them to fit...
Here's the cardboard heart with the doilies glued on. 
Now you're ready to glue on the hydrangeas...
I love hydrangeas...fresh or dried.
They bring back memories of my Grandmothers Garden.
 Place as desired on the heart, 
Then hot glue into place.
 Attach a ribbon hanger.
 And some embellishments of your choice.
I used a lovely chalkboard heart...
 Onto which I penned the word,
which is the whole purpose of Valentines Day...


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