24 March 2015

Mia Bella Passions: Ella Cat...

 Just had to share these photographs of Ella.
She was mooching around on the 'Porch Love' photo shoot, 
but very quickly developed a look of pure indignation!
That may well have been due to the fact the camera lens was a mere inch from her nose!
 Ella said, 'What do you think you are doing?".
 "Nope I am NOT looking at that black thing you have poked in my face!"
"You are invading my personal space!"
 Not impressed!
"Enough is enough, don't you think?"
I can't decide which pic I like the best...


  1. Oh she's so beautiful! She looks far less naughty from our Tigger cat!!!

  2. No naughty gene in this puss...she got the cuddle one! :)

  3. so gorgeous! my cats "love" photo shoots, too....lol!

    1. Don't they just have a way of appearing at the right time! :)

  4. The photos are all beautiful but I love the first pic. I named my kitty "Storm" because of the very look on her face that Ella has. So sweet.


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