Upcycled Pallet Hanging Planter Box...

Quite simply my mind went into overdrive when I acquired this lot - all for free!
(Mitre 10 is a great place to visit for free pallets).
In my imagination I created a few signs,a side table, a book shelf....
but first let's DIY an upcycled pallet hanging planter box.
I saw this idea in a cafe courtyard setting last year, and thought I must have one!
So this is how it was made:
Firstly dismantle the pallet using a long crow bar to lever off the wood.
 Take all the boards off except the last two.
 The pallet should look like this now...
 Cut the long pieces off...
 Check it's square with a measure, and push into shape if not. George agrees it is square.
 Nail another board on so your two becomes three...
 Like this...
This is the back of the planter.
Attach another piece of wood which is the bottom of the planter... 
(Sorry - photo topsy turvey!)
 Lay on back and place wood across front...
 Then a second piece flush against the first...
It should now look like this.
Use a metal rasp type file to smooth the edges.
Paint the planter in a colour of your choice.
Or leave natural wood if preferred.
 I painted mine 'Grey Friars'...
 Just because I'm loving grey right now!
Once dry, gather supplies of rope, wire, plants, potting mix.
Then add a rope hanger.
On each end nail two staple nails.
Leave them sticking up enough so you can thread the rope through.
Like this....
Then use some thin wire to bind the ends together.
Hang where you want it.
I hung mine over the pool fence upright.
(Oops - I might need to straighten that top cap!)
I recycled some old pots and got planting!
If you are wondering why I chose blue pots, the reason is that I have large blue pots in the area where this pallet hanger is going to be sited.
And this is the end result!
I can't wait for the plants to grow and cascade over the edge more.
Even still....I think it's pretty cute just like this!
This side is planted with a white iceplant, a green grass (seedling from the garden), and a red iceplant.
And this side has a Red Sweet William (root taken from the garden), a red toned grass (you guessed it - another self sown seedling from the garden), and a white iceplant.
The iceplants were the only plants I bought and I think they're a new favourite.
 Especially because they require less water than most plants, 
and may well survive the hot summer at Mia Bella Gardens!

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