21 June 2015

DIY Strawberry Planter With Measurements...

Finally I have the DIY Strawberry planter measurements for those who which to build it.
Mia Bella Gardens original DIY Strawberry Planter was made from a photograph off Pinterest.
 This had no links to the original maker, whom I have never managed to track down, 
and therefore there was no plan.
It was a guess the measurements from the picture situation.
But it worked out really well!
As ya all want the measurements I used - here they are:
You will have to use the pictures as a guide to building it, 
as it has no step by step photographic tutorial, :(
This was made long before I started to do the tutorial thing.

Above is the original picture from Pinterest and I have added the measurements to it.
I'm not a professional builder so I hope this all makes sense.
 Use the first photograph as a guide and adjust measurements if necessary. 
You can see the  end caps on the original picture above are not even so I changed that on my version.
Concrete with Quick mix fast set concrete the two long posts into the ground. 
 When set attach the 1300x 45mm lengths.
Then the ends. 
Put in the centre supports.
The rectangle planters should sit nicely in the gaps.
You will need six planters.
The lip of the planter needs to sit on the wood edge.

Then plant with strawberries (or herbs).


  1. Love this idea! I want to plant strawberries. I planted one last year and left it in the pot. It made again this year so I am thinking about doing more soon. I love herbs so may like to use this idea for that as well. I have lots of them. Thanks for the measurements too. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. Home grown strawberries and herbs are the best! At least you know that they are spray-free too. :)


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