Funky Upcycled Jersey Cushion...

An old jersey upcycle...
into cushion cover!

Don't you love those gorgeous Aran jerseys...
I found this one at the goodwill shop.
Looking a bit sad - as it was a little grubby, and very out of shape,
it's jersey days long past.
 But once washed, and clean again you can see it's gorgeousness, 
so lovingly hand knitted by someone...
but now it's time for a new life as a cushion cover.
 I unstitched the arms at the seam...
these pieces will be upcycled into boot toppers or leg warmers.
Turn the jersey inside out and place the cushion inner inside.
Pin down each side and across the top (where the jersey neck is).
Remove the inner.
Overlock stitch by machine pinned seams.
Then trim. 
Overlock the cut edge.
You will now have a double overlocked seam.
Stitch across bottom seam leaving an opening. 
 Turn pillow in the right way.
 Fold the cushion inner in half and pop through the hole.
Wiggle to fit into the casing.
Handstitch the hole shut.
Soft, fluffy with a little bit of funky texture. 
And only half an hour to make!

#diy #cushion #upcycle 

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