15 November 2015

Stitched Card Christmas Ornaments...

Christmas has surely come a little early here at Mia Bella Passions...
But that's because  I LOVE everything Christmas!
To make these cute stitched card Christmas ornaments, 
you'll need a selection of Christmas shapes...
I used free templates from sourced via Google.

Print your chosen images from the links directly onto heavy white card.
 Cut out the shapes.
 Hole punch a hole centred.
 Using a sewing machine, place stitching as desired on the cardboard shape.
 You could handstitch these if you wanted to...
 Embellish with buttons, stickers or ribbon.
 Add a string or ribbon hanger.
DIY Christmas Decorations
Perfect for the Christmas tree, or use as a gift label.
 I filled this shabby old painted pot with florist foam.
Into that  went a twiggy dried branch.
I hung the stitched ornaments onto it.
 Oh they look so fabulous!
 I love the little dried seed pods on this branch.
My stitching is far from perfect, but I love the effect ... 
DIY Christmas Decorations
 Embellishments included a few stickers...
And some red buttons...
Such a pretty Christmas vignette on the little French side table!

#christmascraft #diychristmasdecorations

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