27 January 2015

Mia Bella House Tour: The Laundry Room...

 The laundry room is blue paint over textured wallpaper.
The bathroom which is the next room is painted the same colour for continuity.
There is art in the laundry -
because I love art!
 There are benches on both sides of the room 
with cupboard and drawer storage under them.
The cupboards are white.
 Accessories are French Country.
 Handcrafted decor pieces hang above the washing machine.
Click here for instructions on how to make the laundry sign:
The tutorial for how to make the button heart on the silver tray can be found here:
 This picture is a free image I found at:
I simply popped it into a white frame.
There are hydrangea heads in bottles...
Because one must have flowers!
And I can honestly say these upcycled bottles are authentic FRENCH ones,
because they once contained juice imported from France! 
They are wonderfully textured and a lovely shape.
There is a cubism styled shelf unit,
(I asked the builder to build me a shelf, and this is what he made.
Not quite what I had in mind, 
but I think it adds interest to the room.)
 The basket was spray painted white.
And the French tin vase was a bargain at $3 from Farmers.
A French label from 'The Graphics Fairy' 
was simply mod podged onto a clip lid preserving jar. 
The pegs are from the craft section at the $2 Shop.
 These laundry powder tins look fabulous as well as being practical.
The handles on the cupboard are matt silver with crisp clean lines.
 The benchtops are grey...
 The floor is a pebble look grey toned lino. 
The wash tub is built in to the formica bench top.
 It was the biggest one we could find.
We had a few strange looks when the maltese dog was taken to the store 
to see if she fitted in the sink!
The tap fixture can extend and has a shower function.
Perfect for little dog bathing!

The Wish List:

*Move Laundry entrance door,
so it does not enter off bathroom but via hallway.
*Paint walls pale grey.

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