24 April 2015

How To Plant a Phalaenopsis Moth Orchid Bowl....

 Planted orchid bowls are pretty simple to create...
All you need is:
One large shallow bowl
Three orchid plants
A bag of premium orchid potting mix
Some orchid stakes and clips to hold the flower stems to the stakes.
 In the bowl, place about three cups of orchid mix.
Then arrange the orchid plants.
(I've used white Phalaenopsis Moth orchids)
Top with more orchid mix, stake and clip the flower stems,
 Until the roots establish themselves, 
you may need a few extra stakes to support the flower stems.
This bowl of orchids was planted in November last year,  it took about three months to stabilise before the extra stakes could be removed. 
 It also grew a new flower spike, having just finished flowering - 
an amazing 5 months later!!
The conditions in this room, are bright light with no direct drafts.  
No direct sunlight gets on the plant.
Though I did leave it in the bathroom where the light was much brighter (but still diffused) for a few hours when the plant was watered.

Moth Orchids are possibly my most favourite of the orchid species...
How can you not love these flowers?

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