19 January 2016

DIY Pallet & Mason Jar Organiser...

So this is what happened...
 when one moves the hand towel hook in the bathroom to a new position, 
(because you have found the perfect storage shelf for the teeny tiny little gap!)
This would not be a problem if:
You had spare wallpaper...spare paint for patch ups...and the gloss anti mold seal.
(Now that is a lesson if you pay someone else to do the painting -
 make sure they leave you the leftovers!!!)
This created a how will I cover that hole dilemma in the blue bathroom.
Soooo...(and thank goodness for Pinterest)
I found the perfect solution!
A DIY Mason Jar Organiser...
which I attached to pallet wood for a super rustic look.
 They are really quite simple to make: 
Measure wood to desired size.
 Cut wood.
  Paint wood or age it.
I used a grey as a base colour...
as I wanted a rustic look that would match the concrete exposed stone lino floor in this bathroom.
 Then dry brushed white paint over the top.
PVA glue the middle of the two pieces of wood.
Turn over and nail three staples to hold together.
Using an electric drill and a small bit,
drill the last slot on the clamp into a round big enough for your nail to go through.
 The hose clamps were $7.50 each (sourced from Bunnings).
Measure and mark on the wood where the top of the clamps will sit.
Nail into position.
 The short mason jars were from Briscoes,
 and had 40% off this price.
Attach wood to wall and then add your jars.
These jars are fab storage for makeup brushes,
but you could use the jar organiser idea anywhere in the home decor, 
to hold all sorts of things. 

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