Choc Chip & Banana Brownie...

It seems I have an overabundance of very ripe bananas in my fruit bowl!
Brownie recipes
Brownie recipes
Now that is a great excuse to make brownie don't ya think?
Brownie recipes
 Chocolate Chip & Banana Brownie to be precise!
Brownie recipes
 Serve warmed or cold.
With or without cream.
Too make it extra special add some custard.
 It's a very nice lunchbox treat too!
Brownie recipes
 You'll find the recipe HERE.
Brownie recipes
To make the stencil for the icing sugar I  printed a butterfly template from the net and cut it out.
Place on each brownie segment, sieve icing sugar over the top, and carefully remove the stencil.
(My gorgeous daughter came up with this idea and it really works!)
Chocolate Chip & Banana Brownie 
Nom Nom!

Note: An ingredient conversion chart can be found HERE

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