Must Have Flowers - Always...

It is nearing the end of Autumn in New Zealand,
and the garden has taken on an autumnal hue of colours.
The light is changing, the temperatures cooling.
It is at this time of year I love to bring more flowers into the home decor.

Not fancy large floral arrangements,
but small containers simply placed here and there.
They just bring such joy into the decor.
Simple and cost effective.
Hand picked from your garden, a friends garden,
 or a price friendly bunch from the supermarket flower section.

This is the little french table in the red sitting room.

On it is a small collection of containers and candles.

The phalenopsis orchid has been moved here from the Master bedroom, so the flowers can be enjoyed.
It has flowered twice this year and is looking the picture of health.
I added a few interesting rocks to the bowl, 
which also help support the air roots.
Find out how to create your own orchid bowl HERE.

The small container has a jar inside, filled with water.
The flowers are camellias.

This camellia is called  'Setsugekka'.
This is an old Japanese variety.

It's a favourite.
Single white blooms with wavy petals and centre yellow stamens.
What I love is the stamens start off a pale, and as the flower ages they turn bright yellow!

This small corner of the red sitting room,

Is cosy and pretty...

Claude Monet said"
One must have flowers, always and always.
And I agree!

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