DIY Pretty Fabric Wrapped Books...

Wrapped books are such a wonderful idea...
They add height and interest to a tabletop, shelf or sideboard vignette.
And they are such an easy thing to create!
Today I am going to make fabric wrapped books!

You will need:

Old books (I used three)
soft stick sellotape 
a ruler for measuring
a pen for marking size before cutting fabric
pinking shears

 I've chosen fabric in contrasting colourways
 that will compliment the items on my shelf.

 Because I want to reuse the books for future crafts, 
or to change the fabric colours, I am not using glue.

 The first step is to measure the fabric to cover the book from the cover.

 You need to allow fabric for the inside cover edges.
Also remember the spine of the book fabric allowance.

 These are my very vintage pinking shears.
Using these I am cutting an edge on the long length of the fabric top and bottom.

 Using a soft stick sellotape (one that removes without to much tearing to the paper cover) stick the fabric to the inside of the front and back covers.

On the outside edge you have the pinking pattern which also stops the fabric fraying.

 It doesn't matter if the fabric overhangs the book, 
or it shows a little cover if the cover is a complimentary colour.

This is was the shelf looked like before the books...

 This is with one book added.

If you are interested in finding out how to make the 
Mini Pallet Love Sign, you will find the tutorial HERE.

 And here is the shelf with the three pretty fabric wrapped books.
Essentially what you are doing is adding a riser.
The books are the riser (added height).

It's quite amazing what adding a little height with a riser can do to the visual of a vignette.
This is effective on a coffee table, side board or on a shelf, or bedside table.

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