6 September 2016

'On A Wire' Hanging Frames...

I love the fun way these frames are hung on a beaded wire.

You can also use this technique to create a more industrial look 
by using a thicker wire, larger clamps, 
combined with metal or natural wood beads.
Mine are small frames, and as the decor colour accents dictated
red, black and white, those are the colours I used.

To make:

2 x  lightweight picture frames with or without mat
(mine are matless frames - $6 each from The Warehouse).
2 x 40cm lengths of wire 
(adjust wire thickness and length according to size of frame you use).
Wire cutters/pliers
Art, photographs or quotes

Step 1:  Frame chosen pictures.

Step 2: Measure centre tops of frames and insert an eyelet screws.

Step 3: Make a loop in the wire and clamp.

Step 4: Put beads on wire.

Step 5: Loop clamp as shown at bottom of wire through the eyelet screw and squash clamp to desired length.
Trim excess wire
Make sure each hanger is the same length on each picture.
Hang on wall.
As I live in an earthquake zone, 
I always put a piece of bluetack between the picture frame
 and wall to keep straight.  
This saves time by not having to straighten pictures constantly!. 

'On A Wire' hanging frames look fabulous in my office.
And I can easily update images in the frames 
when there is a need for change.

#diy #picturehangers #beads

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  1. Tracey, Oh Wow that's awesome. I have this really long hallway wall that is so difficult to decorate. I've been wanting to do a collage of our photography but couldn't think of a way to display it without it looking awkward. This just might be the ticket! xo

    Carla a.k.a Mrs R @ SimplifyLifeWithMrsR.com


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