Let Me Tell You All About 'Fairy Bread'...

What is Fairy bread?
Fairy bread is white bread that has been buttered and sprinkled with 'Hundreds and Thousands' then cut into triangles to serve.

What are 'Hundreds and Thousands'?
Hundreds and thousands are sprinkles that are very small balls made from coloured sugar, in blue, green, pink, green, yellow, orange and white.

Where did Fairy Bread Originate from?  
Fairy bread is an age old tradition 'down under' both in Australia and New Zealand and is relatively unknown in other parts of the world.

No one is really sure who invented the Fairy Bread idea, but there has been reference to it as early as 1929 as an Australian childrens party food.
Another theory is it was inspired from Robert Louis Stevenson's poem of the same name 'Fairy Bread', from 'The Child's Garden Of Verse' dated 1885.
The truth is - no one really knows 'Fairy Breads' origins.

When do you eat Fairy Bread?
Fairy bread is a treat for special occasions and is a firm favourite for children's birthday parties. 
(Both with the children and the adults!)

What's the latest fairy bread trend?
That would be to cut the fairy bread into shapes using cookie cutters as a guide to cut out the bread shape rather than serving the traditional four triangles.  

Emilee Rose is very happy with her fairy bread picnic...which is another treat activity for some fairy fun!

 'What is not to love about Fairy Bread?'.


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