14 January 2016

Black Magic Chocolate Cake...

On the Net searching for an EASY, whip it up QUICK kinda chocolate cake,  
I came across this recipe at 'allrecipes.com'.
It ticked all the boxes.
I think perhaps it's originally been developed as a Halloween cake,
but I pinked it up, and  'iced it pretty' for a birthday cake.

What was so fabulous about this recipe was - 
you simply threw all the ingredients in the cake mixer and turned on.

Rich chocolate,eggs, buttermilk and strong coffee to make a 'Magic' cake.
Get the printable recipe HERE.

 Because it is a layer cake, baking was also quick...
a mere 35 minutes baking time.

 I whipped up a basic buttercream frosting,
flavoured it raspberry with essence and tinted it pink.

Iced the cake with swirls of tiny roses... 
and filled the centre with fresh raspberries.

 Looking at these photos you would never guess how those sweet roses 
just wanted to slide off that cake in the 30 degree temperature I battled that day!

It was decadently dark, rich and delicious.

The raspberry icing was delicious.

The fresh raspberries were delicious.

The birthday girl LOVED it.
(So did the party guests!)

Get the printable recipe HERE.

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