30 January 2016

The Artistic Apparel Story...

My love of art and fashion began as a small child.
My mother would draw female figures wearing 50's inspired dresses.
I would colour and decorate them.
When older - I filled my spare time with the drawings,
 that she had shown me with so much love how to create.
This expanded into other artistic aspects.
So you can understand how excited this artsy fashionista was to be approached
 by Vida to become part of their Artistic Design Team...
To combine art and fashion is simply a dream come true.
And I am truly humbled by this opportunity.

Vida are:
Forward thinking and innovative, manufacture on demand, 
support their workers with a sustainable living wage, and a literacy programme.
Vida designers are artists who specialise in all fields, sculptors, photographers, and textile designers. 
This gives them freedom to design while Vida take care of all the production and sales.

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