1 May 2016

DIY Epiphytes Hanging Planter Box...

You may well be asking - what is an epiphyte?
An epiphyte is:
a plant which grows harmlessly on another (usually a tree).
It derives moisture from the air, rain, and the debris that collects around it. They do not grow in soil.
The epiphyte family of plants includes many species of orchids, bromeliads, tillandsias, mosses and ferns.

To make a DIY epiphytes hanging planter box you will need:
a wooden box - an old drawer or a box made from pallet wood.
I used an old wooden drawer with the handle removed.
 First step:  dry brush the box with white paint for a wonderful shabby look..

 Once paint is dry add a plastic liner.
Staple in place and trim.
Add a wire hanger to the top.

Add a thick layer of coconut fibre. 
Arabella decided she must help! 
By investigating her new cat bed...

Sorry sweetness but that box is not for you!
 Add a layer of sphagnum moss.

Staple a covering of wire mesh. 
 Use wire cutters to make slits where you want your plants.
At the top I wired in place some spanish moss.
The second plant is Tillandsia aeranthos.

The plant on the wood is Dendrobium Tamara.
The yellow flowering orchid is Oncidium flexuosum.

The DIY Epiphytes Hanging Planter Box is on a covered deck with filtered sunlight with my other orchids in the collection, 
so Just a light misting is all the watering that will be needed.

All these plants were sourced from at 'Pottering About'.
For local blog followers - this specialty Garden Centre is in Military Road, Otakiri.

Don't worry if you can't visit in person, 
as they sell tropicals, subtropicals, orchids, bromeliads, and other epiphytes via Trade Me New Zealand,
or visit their website here:
And while I'm telling you about "pottering About',
let me show you these...

 Wall or post mounted pot hangers called 'Leyland Latches'.
Brilliant idea, really affordable, and perfect for a mini orchid collection!

Just in case you are wondering...
this beauty is called:
Miltonia moreliana.

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