8 May 2016

My NEW 'OLD' Book...

I love books...
So I just had to share the latest in my collection.
A childhood dream was to become a librarian!
I never did do that,
 but I still LOVE books.
I love reading,
looking at...
and using books in crafts and DIY.
(this one's safe though - as it has the 'I'm special' label).

This book is so old.

Published in 1905 in fact.
It's worn, tatty and tired.
But for me it was love at first sight!
Just look at the gorgeous green embossed cover.
It is a beautiful book.

'Good Words' is full of short stories.
And wonderful black and white plates (pictures).
Here are a few:

But the one I adore the most is of the girl with the dreamy eyes.
Beautiful, don't you think?

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