16 June 2016

A Pallet Box Of Pretty Pansies...

Here is a super easy way to pretty up an outdoor table.
Whip up a pallet box.
Paint it.
Attach some plaited rope handle accents.
Upcycle some plastic pots
By spray painting in the colour of your choice.
 Then pop into the painted pots some pretty pansies.
Just the look I adore...
and a little bit pretty!
To make the box you, will need to cut the pallet wood into the following lengths:

Base = 2 x wood lengths at 400mm
Sides = 2 x wood lengths at 395mm
Ends = 2 x wood lengths at 175mm
(to convert to inches use an online measurement calculator)

It is a basic build:
Nail one side to each base piece.
Nail the ends in place attaching to side wood
Then nail the base pieces to the end pieces to hold it in shape.
Plait some rope to create a handle for each end.
Staple gun in place.
I haven't ever made a box before and it was simple to do.  

Fabulous for the covered deck mosaic table!

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