12 July 2016

DIY Coffee Table Succulent Bowl...

As y'all know it's winter here in the southern hemisphere,
so I'm always on the lookout for some greenery in the decor.
Succulents in a bowl are a much needed pop of nature during the cold, bleak wintery days.

I selected two baby succulent plants from the garden centre.

This fish bowl was in the blog bit's and pieces I might need one day cupboard.

I gathered some stones from the garden path...
and placed those in the base of the glass bowl

The next layer was a quality potting mix, 
into which the little succulents were planted.

This one is a baby plant off a succulent in the garden.

The next step once the plants were in the bowl was...

To add a layer of white decorative pot plant stones.
The bowl was placed on a wooden tray with a shabby green paper base.
(I got this from The Warehouse for $12 in a sale).
Just remember there is no drainage in a planter like this,
and the plants are succulents so minimal watering is required.
These plants get afternoon sun for 5 hours sited on this table, 
so you need to move them in a sunbath area regularly if sunlight limited. 

Some wonderful living decor for the winter months.

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