11 August 2016

Baileys Cupcakes...

It seems there is a wee bit of a Bailey's liqueur binge 
going on at Mia Bella Passions.

 Reserved for special occasions of course!

 But did you know every day is a special occasion at Mia Bella Passions. 

Seriously though, Bailey's cupcakes are a wonderful adult sweet treat...

It's my all time favourite liqueur that's
usually reserved for a Christmas treat.
But nothing beats Baileys cupcakes any time of the year!

And that icing is YUM!

Did I say the icing is YUM?

It reminds me of sherry icing on christmas cake!
Bake a batch of your favourite vanilla cupcake recipe and ice with:

Baileys Cream Icing

Beat until creamy and pale 100 grams butter
Add 2 cups of icing sugar
1 Tablespoons Baileys.
Ice the cupcakes using a spatula, 
Dot with white chocolate drops to serve.

Why not indulge yourself with these cupcakes.

#baking #baileys #cupcakes


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