2 September 2016

Mummates - Especially For New Zealand Women...

It's new...
And it's exclusively for New Zealand women!
a niche online social networking community that has just been launched, and you really must check it out!

The newly expanding Mummates community enables and encourages multi-faceted New Zealand women in our country to bond over life experiences by sharing, caring and helping each other.
How fabulous is that???
You can share text, videos, photographs, blogs and articles.
It's easy to join an existing interest group,
or create a new interest group other women may enjoy being a part of.
Not only that - Mummates also offer a 'Shopping Aisle' where you can buy and sell items.
Plus a free section so you can gift away.
Everything you need on one website!
All based on the sharing, caring, and helping philosophy.
Bloggers, mums, mums to be, Kiwi women...
Are you ready to share?
Share your passions?
Share your knowledge?
Share your life journey?
Share your interests?
Then Mummates is for you!

Please note:
This review is non monetary.
I am simply supporting a wonderful initiative created by the Mummates team for New Zealand women.

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