25 October 2016

Magic Cupcakes Into Neapolitan Gems!

Let's create a little magic with a basic vanilla cupcake 
and turn it into a Neapolitan Cupcake!
It is really easy to create these gems.

Just bake vanilla cupcakes...
Once baked, remove from oven and let sit for ten minutes.

Then poke a hole in the centres of the cupcakes.
I used the (very clean) handle end of my whisk 
- which was the perfect hole size.

Leave to cool completely.
Pipe choc cream filling in each hole.

Then a super cute rosette of raspberry frosting on top.

Love the combination of vanilla, chocolate and raspberry flavours.

Believe me when I say -
one serving of these Neapolitan cupcakes is simply NOT enough!

Get the recipe HERE.

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