DIY Nautical Night Light...

Beach Style Decor
The beach vibe continues with today's nautical DIY,
which is a super quick and easy to create night light.

All you need is:
 a bottle cloche with a base stand
 fairy light mini buds with a clear cord
a focal piece with a rope hanger- I used an anchor for a beach theme
And some dry mini star fish to place on the base below the anchor
some thick twine and scissors.

 The focal I'm using is from  Farmers 'Tilly & Home' range.
On sale at just $4.50.

Thread the battery fairy lights from the top into the bottle.
 (The Bottle Cloche was sourced from The Warehouse also on sale @$18)

 Then place the focal ornament like the anchor inside with the string hanger in the top of the bottle neck.

Pull the string up and thread twine through it.
Wind the twine around the neck of the bottle and tie a knot to hold. 

 Rearrange the lights around the anchor.
Place some dry starfish onto cloche base before place bottle back on it.

 Nautical and  rustic fairy light fun!

 You could use a starfish as a focal inside instead of an anchor.
Or another nautical inspired piece.

Beach Style Decor
But I think this anchor look rocks!

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