28 October 2017

Arty Nail Polish Rocks...

Arty Nail Polish Rocks are super easy to create...

All you need are a selection of old nail polishes in the colours of your choice...
and somewhere well ventilated to do this project.
(As boy oh boy - polish is pretty fumy stuff!)

You'll also need:
A bowl of cold water and a toothpick.
Plus some oval shaped rocks.

 To Create:
Drip the nailpolish in a pattern on top of the water...
Then quickly run the toothpick through the polish.

 Hold the rock over the polish and push down so water covers rock,
and then pull out of water.
Turn and place rock right side up on paper to dry.

 This is the end result.

 Once dry they can be gifted...
or placed on a windowsill, coffee table, on the patio, in plant pots or in the garden in groups.
Don't you think these are pretty.
This colour combination reminds me of a paua (abalone) shell.

#rockcrafts #art #paintedrocks 


  1. Hello Tracy Lee,

    Yes the color does remind me of abalone shell color. Great little fun project to try. For me problem is I don't have any old nail polish and my wife doesn't use it either. I like the water trick ...cool.

    1. Thanks Greg...I am wondering if this would work with acrylic paint. Might have to test that out. :)


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