9 December 2017

A Snowy Luminary...❥

DIY a some gorgeous festive bling.
Or make one to gift and share the love of Christmas.

All you need to make these Snowy Luminaries are:
A Clear jar with an opening big enough to place a small tealight or candle.
(I used one that was 13cm tall , with a opening that is 7cm wide)

A small bag of Epsom salts.
(Epsom Salts makes fabulous fake snow.)

Matt Mod Podge glue.

Some decorations for the neck of the jar.
(rope, christmas ribbon, faux berries & pine or anything Chjristmasy)

To make:
Coat the bottom 3/4 of the jar in a Mod Podge glue.

 Roll in the Epsom Salts

Press the salts onto the glue.
Set aside to dry.
Then paint a second layer of Mod Podge over the Epsom Salts to set it to the jar.
Set aside to dry.
Bind the jar neck with the twine.

Add your embellishments. 

I used:
natural twine for the neck of the jar
some faux berries
and some gold plastic leaves.

I always save bits from old decorations for crafting new things.

 And a tea light candle.
I wish you could smell these ones...
OH MY they are so delicious you could almost eat them!
Handmade by Living Light - Golden Bay - New Zealand

Place the Snowy Luminary in your Christmas home decor and light at night.

And you have your own DIY Festive Bling.

Or gift to someone special this Christmas.

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