22 January 2017

Faux Succulent Jars...

I love placing decor pieces on a windowsill, don't you?
A popular trend at the moment is textured glass, so I was very happy to happen upon these sweet cut glass vases on sale!

Tilly @ Home is a range the you'll find at Farmers
and honestly there is some very, very, very cool things available.

These jars were $7.99 each - I paid $4 on sale.
Three is always the most gentle on the eye, so I bought three.

Now you could place mini bunches of fresh garden flowers in these,
 but I chose to buy the faux succulents to put in my jars.
(unkillable plant = love, and they look soooo real!)
They too were on sale and were bargained at $5 each.

Easiest decor spruce up ever -

Take shopping home...
Unwrap packages...
Place on sill.
And voila'...

A fresh pop in the bathroom decor!

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