23 March 2017

Arhaus - And The Dream Lounge Room...

There comes a time when tiredness creeps into the decor...
this is exactly what has happened with my lounge room.
There are parts I still love, 
but also parts I would love to change.
But what exactly would I do?
This is where 'Arhaus' home comes in...
because what is not to love with their - 'You're The One' - when you know it is just right for you selection of furniture, homewares and accessories.
I decided to create an 'Inspirational Dream Lounge Mood Board'.
The tired cosy red lounge turned 'Romantic meets rustic meets a little industrial' mood board.
I'm thinking texture, luxe fabrics, detail, metal, and rough finishes with a little touch of glamour...
I want to say goodbye to the red and other brights, 
and bring in a palette of calming neutral tones.
A mix that doesn't' really follow one particular trend...
a little bit of mix and match.
Complimented by DIY pieces and flowers.
 That's my dream lounge.
Let's see what 'Arhaus' have in their collections to create the look.
 There was a HUGE selection....
and I must say I was very tempted by the blue cushions and chair.
But I stuck to my brief of neutrals, 
and proceeded to choose all that shouted 'You're The One'!
There was an awful lot of them!
But the following are the ones that captured my heart.
Sofa - Hamptons in Oyster x 2 
They would be facing each other with the ottoman between.
Pillows for on sofas - crown beaded grey pillow
Royal velvet beaded wave pillow
and 2 x Ava beaded pillows.
 Easton tufted (recliner) Chair in Elmont Ink
Luxe ivory faux fur pillow for on chair - and two each for sofas.
Butler tufted rectangle ottoman with trays as coffee table
Takumi flatweave rug in ivory underneath.
The pillar tray would go on the top of the ottoman.
Chandelier - Fotini Large
Luxe Ivory Faux Fur Throw
for a stylish yet comforting tactile touch.
End tables x 2 in pewter
One with St Augustine carved lamp on it.
The other with a vase of flowers.
The Freya Glass cylinder would look fabulous with white flowers in it...
maybe chrysanthemums...
Above the mantel I like a mirror.
(this room is a TV free zone if you are wondering)
The Verdigris is mirror that would be perfect.
But I'd hang two side by side for a focal point in the room.
On the wall - The Herd Print.
And also the arbol tray.
Hung as wall art.
The Martin Bookcase is a complete statement piece.
Wouldn't the Elk antlers be fab on here?
(Horizontal not vertical).
I'm also thinking a DIY love sign would be a fun addition to the Martin bookcase styling.
But I'd change the cord colour from black to dark grey.
Visit HERE to find out how to create one.
I'd also keep some of my loved white ceramics to add to
the 'Arhaus' decor accessories for the bookcase and mantel.
The Pasca Bowl in antique brass...
This bowl would also be perfect to grow phalaenopsis orchids in.
If you want to know how to grow them in a bowl,
pop over here.
The Deer Vase...
This cute Iron Sparrow Figurine...
3 Tier Iron Candle Holder...
And the Pasca Dome.
Add a mini potted plant (faux or real),
a pillar candle in white,
or a white rabbit figurine for Easter display.

As an artist I work with intense colour all day.
So while the neutrals may not be to everyones liking, 
for me it would be the 'AHHHH' at the end of a busy day.
So why not visit 'Arhaus' home to create your own 'Inspirational Dream Lounge Mood Board'.
I am very inspired now from creating one to start making the changes.
As I'm sure you will be too! 

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