Valentines Collage Canvas...

This collage art piece is Valentine inspired...
You could create your own picture in whatever colours you like...
I chose yellow.

You will need:
A canvas - 30cm x 30cm with a 3cm edge.
Acrylic art paint in the colour you choose and in white.
A selection of images to collage.
(I used images from the free resources at Graphics Fairy.)

Step One:  Paint the canvas as desired with the colour paint and with white to create contrast.

Paint the outside edges of the canvas white.

Step Two: Let the paint dry.
Cut out or tear around the edges of your images.

Step Three:  Glue the images in a collage fashion on to the painted canvas using modpodge.

Step four:  Paint a sealer of modpodge glue over the entire collage.
Once it is dry all the images will flatten out on to the canvas.
Staple a string hanger onto back of the picture to hang,
or just stand the canvas on a book shelf or side table.

#art #collage #valentines #picture

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