31 March 2018

Armeria - Potted Floral Balls of Pink!

Armeria flowers are the most delightful floral balls of bright pink!

The foliage is lush and grasslike.
The flowers grow on 20 cm stems and sit in all their floral ball delight above the grassy foilage.

I found an old terracotta squat pot and decided to add a painterly effect to the pot to before planting the Armeria...

  I used some old white paint.
And a dry brush
(Meaning no water is used at all)
Brush some paint onto the pot,
 and use a paper towel to spread it randomly.

Then I made crosshatch pattern
Brush this way...

Then the opposite way.

Do this all over the pot, softening the lines with the dry brush.

Once the pot was dry the Armeria was planted into a quality potting mix...

Armeria are a perennial that produce masses of long lasting, rich pink flowers.
They are fabulous for planting in pots, a rockery, or as a front of garden border plant.
The flowering season is from Spring throughout summer.
The other thing to note about these cute little plants are they are exactly that...small and compact!

I can't wait till it is a mass of stemmed pink flowers.
My potted plant is on a sunny deck.
And Armeria are full sun lovers!
So it should be very happy here.  :)
Well - until it outgrows the pot,
Because one plant will grow into a clump of 30 to 40cm width.
I probably should have just planted one in the pot, 
but as I wanted an instant full effect, I used all six.
I'm not worried about it as I have a plan to then plant them into the front of the garden border.
I'm the kind of gardener that is constantly changing whats in pots.

You can buy Armeria in a punnet of six from the Garden Centre.
I purchased mine from Mitre 10 here in New Zealand.

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