15 June 2018

LOLA The Rescue Kitty... Her Story❥

Lola is a rescued kitty...
late January on one of our summers hottest days George the dog alerted me to this almost lifeless teeny tiny kitten on my driveway.
Some cruel person had dumped her on the roadside,
 and she had crawled into my gateway.
She was so little.
A mere 300 grams in weight and about 4 weeks old.

This is a pic from the moment I found her.
And Arabella inspecting the new arrival.
 I syringe feed her diluted milk,
it was touch and go but she made it through the night.
I managed to get some baby animal formula the next day, 
and the four hourly feeding began.
Within four days she had grown to 351 grams.
(And I was in love.)
She learnt to play.
And slept a lot!
After losing my little white dog in October last year I thought I would not or could not love another...
But how wrong was I.
 Little Lola became known as 'Lola Lollipop'.

The most adorable, loving wee cat.

Who learnt from a young age that technology is FUN!

And here she is now 6 months old -  beautiful, healthy, and very loved.

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