6 August 2018

The ACCIDENTAL Kitchen Fixer Upper!

What part of your home would you love to change?
Mine would be the kitchen.
It is 'Forest Green', butter yellow with accents of bright blue.
Once upon a time it was fashionable!
But I decided new carpet and a new vehicle was of more importance, so that is what I have been saving my pennies for.
Then the accident happened!
It was sort of one of those 'Nana Moments' where after the deed is done you gasp in disbelief and say - 'Heck did I just do that?'
Yip - that is all I will say...
but the outcome was sudden and accidental when I burnt my Forest Green coloured bench top in three places thanks to a red hot pot!
This picture shows one burnt bit.
(I've changed the bench colour here so the burns can be seen in photo).
I claimed insurance for the damage, but really thought that this would not be covered, because it is a galley kitchen that's four and a half metres long.
And that bench top was in one entire piece!
But Lantern Insurance happily covered it...

It was out with the damaged and in with the new!
I chose a black and white marble laminate.
This one is called 'Saint Laurent Marble' by Arborite.
It has a egg shell like texture to it.

The new bench shown here as it's being installed has a square edge and not the wood bullnose edge as before.

I did a little splurge on replacing the sink to a deep butcher style in stainless style, with a nice new shiny tap.
And also replaced the stove top as the old one had a mind of its own regarding temperature control.
I'm blaming that for the ACCIDENT and not the 'maybe Nana Moment'.

And here is my new bench top.
I'm loving the way the top just fits with the older cabinets.

The Top Shop
 I was a bit worried it would look too new.

 But it doesn't!
And even though it is not real granite, I adore it.
It just brings a little more French style to my kitchen.
This accidental fixer upper  is making me very happy!

 There was just one thing that just did not look quite right.
Can you see it?

You guessed it...the fish tiles.

Kitchen Benchtop
 On an angle it's not so BLUE obvious...

But the closer you get the blue is just a bit bright and WOOHOO.
But its seems colour is in style again and there is a bit of beach inspired decor happening in my home...
 I do live right by the ocean so the fish had to stay!
I had no intention of changing this kitchen,
but my accidental kitchen fixer upper benchtop is perfect!
Beach Style Decor

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