Quick 'n' Easy Halloween Fabric Pumpkins...

This years Halloween display was kept simple,
 as I simply did not have time to create anything elaborate.

I had seen these fabric pumpkins using a toilet roll as the base so decided that fitted the quick 'n' easy criteria.
To make them, all you need is:
Toilet rolls  ( I used two different sizes - one large - two usual size).

Fabric cut to 55cm x 43 centimetres
(the chiffon fabric was doubled as it is see through)
Cinnamon Stick for the stems.
Card leaves 
(I free hand drew these but the are many options to print on the net, just google 'pumpkin leaves to print)

To Make:

Centre the toilet roll on the fabric and tuck the fabric into hole.

Then add a cinnamon stick for the stem.
(Lola thought these smelt so good!)

Cut out your hand drawn or internet sourced printed leaves. 

Add to the cinnamon stick stem.

Place in your Halloween display.

The Treat jar was made last year.
If you want to know how to make it visit HERE.


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