20 March 2018

Apricot Passion Cupcakes...

For Easter...
Or for anytime you want a delicious apricot passionfruit flavour hit!
Topped with an equally delicious cream cheese icing.
Apricot Passion Cupcakes will be a go to recipe for sure!

To your cupcake mixture, you fold through diced apricots.

Pop spoonsful into cupcake cases and bake.

Once cool, ice the cupcakes.
Piped swirls, or just dolloped and spread.

The cream cheese icing has a hint of passionfruit flavour.
To pipe the icing you need a star tip.
Pipe from the centre of the cup cake in a spiral to the outside to create the rose design.

The piped icing just makes them look extra special don't you think?
And the great thing is the icing sets firm.

Get the recipe for the Cupcakes and the icing HERE.

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