14 December 2022

DIY Dinosaur Treat Jar To Make

Dinosaur Treat Jar
I've been playing around with a lot of glass of late and creating homemade gifts to give.
Homemade always offers a special uniqueness, it's personal,
can save money and is a fabulous outlet for your creativity.
The 'Dinosaur Treat Jar' is very simple to make.

All you need is:
A jar with a screw lid.
A plastic dinosaur toy.
Spray paint in the colour of your choice.
Strong glue 
Lolly treats.
Mia Bella Passions Blog
I used a square-style preserving jar.
I used the same style jar for the Pretty Pressed Flower Vase
which is also a wonderful homemade gift.

To Make:
DIY Gifts
Place the jar lid on the newspaper in a well-ventilated area.
Spray the lid with spray paint.
DIY Treat Jar
Paint the dinosaur toy too.
DIY Gifts
Leave to dry.
DIY Gifts
Glue the dinosaur onto the lid.
The glue I used is called Araldite because it has a super strong hold!
Mia Bella Passions Blog
Leave overnight for the glue to set.
Dinosaur Treat Jar
Fill the jar with treats.
Lolly Jar
I used 'The Natural Confectionary Co' lollies which are 25% less sugar with no artificial colours or flavouring.
Quite conveniently they have the cutest little dinosaur treats in their range.
Add a bow to the jar neck if you want to or leave it plain.
Dinosaur Treat Jar
And there you have a fabulous homemade gift that kids little or big will love!

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