22 October 2019

Fish Chair Upcycle...❥

How old is this chair?

It is about 100 years old.
And it's been in the family for a good part of 80 of those years!
It is loved.
It is used.
But the upholstery needed a bit of a facelift!  
And the wood with it's aged patina needed some oil.

So I decided to funk it up with some groovy fish fabric I had in the cupboard.

As I am happily covering the chair I realise...
How did I get that wrong?
I even got the fish photograph image upside down for this post.
This fabric really plays with the brain!

Spencer Puppy decided to supervise.
Luckily I had more fabric and on the second attempt got it the right way up!

Chair Upcycled
I'm really happy with how it turned out.

Arabella is quite fond of it too.

#chairmakeover #upcycled

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